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Late one night in his bedroom, a 13-year-old Kwakzino was listening to Oxide and Neutrino tearing up a garage set to a packed, hyped-up crowd; it was in this moment he knew that music was what he was made to do.

His first performance was at the age of 14 in front of around 500 people. However, creating music took a back seat until Kwakzino, then known as Kwakz, turned 21 when he decided to leave life as a drug dealer and criminal to study Music Business, as music has always been his true passion. He's originally from South Norwood, but now based in Bucks, just outside West London. Kwakzino released his first mixtape Overdue at the age of 22, which was when he begun performing at open mics and getting gigs. Performances all over England lead him to play a sold out gig at the 02 Academy Islington with his team D.U.C.K Muzik in 2015.

Kwakzino isn’t afraid to experiment, he is a fan of good music, anything that catches his ear can inspire a new song. People can expect to hear a cooking pot of genres in Kwakzino’s sound from UK rap, grime, drill to afrobeats, reggaton, dancehall, lo-fi hiphop and trap vibes.

Growing up, Kwakzino heard a lot of Ghanaian Hi-Life music and gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Cross Movement and DC Talk, and due to his locality he was impacted by the growing grime culture that was big during his early to late teen years, inspired by the likes of Dizze Rascal, Temps, Roadside Gs, Trips, Page, Tempman, Giggs and Colours to name a few with a preference for some American Rap Tupac, D Block, Max B and Dipset. People like Eerf Evil, Blam, Hopsin, JME, Kid Tris, GLO & Likemikes are a few artists that currently inspire him to make great music.

Kwakzino has released two solo projects so far, Overdue in 2011 and 2 Legit 2 Quit in 2018, he has also released a song Get To Know in 2019 which features Mic Controller Mark, who is a previous member and MC of the group ‘Caveman’, had many successes with the UK Rap scene in the 1990s.

Right now Kwakzino is working on releasing his music as an independent artist, after writing and recording more songs in the last year than he has ever wrote in his life. There are at least two projects in the pipeline we can look forward to with Kwakzino already working on third as he has built some great working relationships with extremely talented producers like Ste Grizzle and Axxeum the Producer.

Kwakzino also has a community interest company that provides youth mentoring called Relatable Rolemodels dedicated to helping underprivileged young people exceed their potential. He also puts on a music night called Frequency which connects creatives with the community, providing a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their new music and develop their performance skills. Kwakzino lives by the motto that we have to be the change we want to see in this world after all what good has complaining ever done!